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Implementation mistakes that penalties productivity and affect hosting bills

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The bottleneck wasting users time was there forever

An example on how the slowness could sit there undetected for years. This is the story how we’ve managed to nail the cause down.

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Server runs out of memory even if configured not to

How do frameworks measure the size they occupy in memory?

That day I figured out process thinks to consume 2 times more RAM than it physically has.

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Do you want to reduce database bills by third?

Who is more interested in hosting optimization – you (who pays the bill), or vendor (that gets a percent from a hosting price)? The story is about how a simple query tune could make a difference.

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Is it server that is slow or poor coding?

No matter how powerful your hardware is in case most of that power dissolves in poor implementation. Can you guess the heaviest CPU consumer in enterprise-scaled software?

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Don’t trust developers saying allocations are cheap

This story is about coding attitude and paying attention to implementation detail.

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How faster is it with mainstream optimization?

Is it too ambitious to say we could save at least 2/3 of time by optimizing code for arguments that are supplied 95% of times?

The day application ran out of memory

How many times you’ve witnessed application taking all the free memory? This story puts light on the roots of the problem.

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Taking more than 24 hours to build a daily report

Would a few weeks old data be a strong foundation for making a decision today? Is it fair to say you’ll always need more power to crunch the data with a constant growth of information collected?

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