Performance investigations

Make the difference.

Case studies (aka performance crimes)

  1. Concurrent collection misuse: how the slowness could remain undetected for ages
  2. Careless allocations: don’t trust developers saying allocations are cheap
  3. Wrong size detection: how come server is out of memory when configured not to
  4. No respect for mainstream flow: performance win by optimizing for single scenario
  5. Configuration to kill performance: one setting can halt application speed
  6. Memory leak investigation: how to check why server is out of RAM
  7. Outdated reports in Sitecore Analytics: you could not even guess why
  8. Price for non-used features: are you sure disabling feature is all it takes?
  9. How much faster can software be?: is Wirth’s law reality or not?
  10. Second life for Fast://: can the powerful technology get a second life?
  11. Database optimization – reading same data 7 times faster
  12. Hidden culture-specific parsing – spending an extra second out of blue
  13. Params – why all performance-critical code has overloads without it?
  14. Reckless interlocked operations – why could that be painful?
  15. Concat – what about joining strings together?


Development practices

Sitecore Analytics

Memory snapshot analysis basics

Notes: Content is being migrated from KeepSitecoreSimple and with care.

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