Can configuration be trusted?

Configuration can go nuts: CMS 8.1 setup needs 200+ files to be edited by hand:

Neither connection strings, nor custom features are in included yet; things get more complicated in reality.

Lifebuoy: configuration roles

A few enthusiasts simplified configuration task solely to in 9+ series:

<settings role:require="Standalone" environment:require="Production">    
    <setting name="X" set:value="Y"/>

Next era: containers and configuration

Docker eliminates the need in 14+ steps to run the Sitecore. All you have to do is to cook an image of your changes on top of vendor image (like layered cake) & play it anywhere.

Dilemma: the same image in different environments = same files; but still have different connection strings / features …. How?

Environment variables

Latest Sitecore is capable of fetching configuration values from environment variables:

Amazingly, there is no way out-of-the-box to see running values!

Showconfig shows only sitecore node, while role:define, search:define live inside web.config. Moreover, web.config will have an outdated value when environment variable was picked.

Baking solution to see running values

Let’s bake the page to show all roles/definitions, including custom ones:

  • Sitecore role (Standalone, CD, CM..)
  • Indexing engine used (SOLR, AzureSearch..)
  • Any custom layer (f.e. security:define or myproject.environment:define)
    public class ShowRoles : AdminPage
        private readonly IConfigurationRulesContext _configRulesContext;

        public ShowRoles() { /* Dummy to make ASP.NET happy. */ }

        public ShowRoles(IConfigurationRulesContext configRulesContext) => _configRulesContext = configRulesContext;

        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
                Response.Write("<h3>Sitecore rule definitions</h3>");
                var names = _configRulesContext.GetRuleDefinitionNames();
                foreach (var name in names)
                    var values = _configRulesContext.GetRuleDefinitionValue(name);
                    Write(name, values);

        private void Write(string group, IReadOnlyCollection<string> elements)
            elements = (elements ?? Array.Empty<string>()).Where(element => !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(element))
            if (elements.Any())
                foreach (var element in elements)
                Response.Write("<p>No elements in the group.</p>");

Demo compose file looks as:


Gotcha: Not all settings were applied

myproject.environment is not applied; environment-specific config is always ON:

Container variables are there, though:

Are environment variables visible to Sitecore process?

                Response.Write("<h3>Environment variables</h3>");
                var environmentVariables = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariables();
                foreach (string variable in environmentVariables.Keys)
                    var values = new[] { environmentVariables[variable] as string };
                    Write(variable, values);

Yes, the missing setting is exposed as environment variable:

How come value is not picked by Sitecore?

Short answer – that is life. Adding the dummy into web.config makes variable be picked:

Adding a key with dummy value
Using file explorer to upload a modified web.config
Page output shows custom:define now

The current implementation requires app:key to present in config to be replaced in runtime. And yes, there is no way to check if it is picked 😉


A lack of configuration assemble traceability leads to huge investigation effort when things do not work well. File-based configuration can no longer be trusted in containerized deployments; at the same time there is no source of truth to verify its correctness.

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