Why am I visiting Buildstuff?

Simple – there will be people I admire. Their ideas had a tremendous influence and cultivated a specialist from me.

Tribute to Michael Feathers

Any improvements into Sitecore was a ‘fix here breaks there‘ roulette due to a lack of safety net harness.

Working Effectively with Legacy Code had all the solutions (practices) to follow. The book shows how to improve tangled code base. I’m proud to say Kernel safety net was developed thanks to Michael.

There are at least three books each developer is recommended to read:

Tribute to Roy Osherove

The Art of Unit Testing is one of the superlative books explaining TDD and the importance of having self-checking code. I have not met a single person who after reading the book would not write tests.

Tribute to Don Syme

Thanks for F# and most of the good things C# has.

Links and promo code

Here is a promo code for BuildStuff: BUILDBIZDEVA

See you there

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