Why are reports outdated?

Case study: Analytics reports were a few weeks behind.

Sitecore Reporting introduction

Narrow issue cause down

  • Visitor data is flushed into collection database as number of records increases
  • Interaction live processing pool grows – aggregation is not fast enough

How many visits are pending for aggregation?

The processing pool had over 740K records with oldest entry dated a few weeks ago (same as latest report data).

Throw in more hardware?

Unfortunately, that is the solution the majority decides to take despite:

  • There are no proves existing hardware is used efficiently
  • The current setup is properly configured
  • There are no proves additional hardware would help

Investigation plan

  • Restore prod dbs locally
  • Configure aggregation locally
  • Launch SQL Server profiler for ~60 seconds
  • Launch PerfView for ~30 seconds
  • Collect a few memory snapshots

Collection phase

Triggering aggregation locally with prod dbs killed laptop:

Task manager has shown 80% of CPU usage by SQL Server. Even though queries did not consume much CPU, they had huge duration:

Please tell me where it hurts:

RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE_QUERY_COMPILE is on top of the wait list highlighting query compilations are bottleneck. Good thing we could inspect already compiled plans to get a glimpse of queries:

Ironically, query plan cannot fit default XML output size.

SQL Server needs over 30MB solely for describing how query is to be executed. There are many ‘huge’ queries processed at a time causing compilation gate to hit the limit.

Inspecting memory snapshot

!sqlcmd -s open command gives us a list of all SQL requests:

No wonder MSSQL Server is dying as the first SQL command has 1.7M characters:

The command is run by 58th thread:

It turns out that huge commands are produced by Analytics SQL bulk storage provider. Instead of doing many lightweight SQL calls, it collects them into a batch to avoid network latency cost for each command.

Solution: Stored procedures would reduce the length of SQL query & allow reusing compiled query plans => resolve bottleneck.

Intermediate summary

The behavior was reported to Sitecore:

  • Performance issue 370868 has been registered
  • AD-hoc queries are converted into Stored procedures for by Support
  • Hotfix to increase the aggregation speed has been provided

As a result, aggregation speed increased two times at least.

Even though further improvements are on the deck, I’ll save them for future posts.

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