WinDBG commands, configuration

How many times the problem you’ve faced was caused by ….. wrong configuration:

  • Environment-specific – TEST/UAT/PROD config is enabled in wrong environment
  • Function-specific configurations wrongly ON/OFF:
271 rows for each Sitecore role

Do you recall the pain of configuration spreadsheet with over 270 configuration files to be adjusted for every logical role for prior Sitecore 9 world?

Over 270 files to be manually changed just to show HTML in browser =\

When to blame config?

Configuration is worth inspecting as soon as you hear:

How to view Sitecore config?

Sitecore configuration file is built during system startup and cached inside

  • Sitecore.Configuration.ConfigReader.config (newer)
  • Sitecore.Configuration.Factory.configuration (old versions):

XmlDocument is NOT stored as plain text, hence should be assembled back into human-readable format somehow.

Kudos to NetExt extension for saving the day:

Loading NetExt into WinDBG

!wxml restores XML:

XML document restored

Only Sitecore configuration node is stored there, while native config parts could be read via !wconfig:

In-memory config parts

Alternative approaches

Showconfig tool

One could use SIM Tool, showconfig to re-build configs from web.config + App_Config copy. Are there any guarantees it uses exactly same algorithm as the Sitecore version you are using does?

Showconfig admin page

Requesting sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx from live instance – the most trustworthy approach. However CDs have that disabled for security reasons, so not an option.

Support package admin page

Support Package admin page would ask all servers online to generate their configs:

Support Package admin page

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