Performance crime: hidden culture-specific parsing

Paying respect to user culture while consuming user input is totally correct and legal. While hiding the fact of value being parsed with specific user culture may cost a dime.

How expensive that could be?

Make a few predictions to begin with:

  • What is the most time-consuming Sitecore hook?
  • How much time to get initialized might it take?
  • What is the most time-consuming operation in that hook?

Did you predict ~ 3/4 second spent just to transform 00.00:05:00 to TimeSpan?

Flame graph scoped to HookManager callees

Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.GetTimeSpanSetting(string name, string defaultValue)would secretly parse defaultValue using context user culture that is stored in user profile and quite expensive to get on first run:

3/4 second is spent on fetching UserProfile culture

The neighboring API uses CultureInfo.InvariantCulture for reading config-based value which perfectly makes sense for the task:

Only a few consumers rely on the performance criminal ParseTimeSpan API in 9.3:


Should you need to introduce parse method that pays respect to user culture, please make dependency explicit. Otherwise your intent might be misused with a price tag.

In our example 3/4 seconds of startup time could be saved by:

  • Having default value set as TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5)
  • Document DateUtil.ParseTimeSpan to use context user culture

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